This podcast is for the geeks, gamers, otaku, and fanboys. For anyone who wouldn’t think twice about waiting in line for countless hours, braving the elements, just to meet their idol for a fraction of that time. It is for the Wednesday regulars who refuse to pick up their pull list any other day. For the midnight movie goers and internet culture creators. For the figure collectors and all night gamers. For the LAN partiers and BAWLS drinkers. For the comic-con attendees who push through the pain to run from panel to panel. For anyone who ever sacrificed their dinner in order to purchase a show exclusive. For the arguers who refuse to back down when discussing pointless disagreements. For the cosplayers who never sacrificed continuity for comfort. For everyone who ever dove into comic or MMORPG as a means to escape. This podcast is for the true nerds, born, not made.

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