Episode #31: That East Coast Scare


That one where Joe & Pete sit down and celebrate all things Halloween in this frightfully good time revolving around two sentence scares and ghostly masturbatorial acts.


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  • SMA

    5 Weighted Balloons!
    Oh, I see Mordecai is smoking a pipe as part of his “Father” costume.. mmhmm (BA – Black Attitude!).

    • SMA

      This was supposed to be on the first post.

      • Joe

        Lol as if we forgot what BA stood for?! If only you still had the official wall-log/poster.

        • SMA

          Wasn’t that poster on the brown matt board I used for building models at NJIT? if I remember correctly, Ron Dapsis and I drew a black doodle face with big smooching lips and I ended up bringing it home. I then started to log dates and occurrences of BA appearances and situations. HAHAHA.

          • http://www.twitter.com/joeyi Joe Iannacone

            Hahahaha it was on like a piece of brown cardboard and the doodle, I’m pretty sure, was the emoticon for a kissy face, however we felt it looked more like puckered attitude lips i.e. :* and yeah there were like 4 or 5 dated occurances hahaha, I remember my contribution was my old Abercrombie manager, Shirley, who just bit my peck for no reason one day. ~ Joe

          • Pete

            holy shit, I remember that! lol